Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Too Hot for Anything

Even poor old Ophelia has given up being dignified in this heat. It's hot, in the high 90's for several days in a row. I don't mind, being warm is so preferable to being cold.

My weekly deadline draws closer and I have only one article submitted this week. Since yesterdays complaint, I'm driving myself crazy fact checkin my second story to death. This Friday is First Friday, I'm hoping there will be no drama when I show up at the Artists Colony. Maybe I'll drop by tomorrow and get it over with if there is.

Did you hear about the waitress in Miami who's wallet was stolen? She's serving a table one night and has to card one of the woman at the table. The I.D. the customer pulls out belongs to the waitress! Murphy's Law in action. These kinds of things are why I'm not a thief. It wouldn't matter how carefully I plotted or planned, if I tried to steal something I'd get caught.

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