Saturday, August 19, 2006

End of Summer

Ruger's only trick. He sits up anytime he wants to eat something that I'm eating. It's his only trick and it works every time.

Action on the street this morning is totally crazy. The Catholics are setting up for their annual festival and have the street blocked on one end. We have new neighbors moving in on the other end with a fleet of small pick-up trucks piled with furniture blocking the only other exit from my street. I, of course, live in the middle of the street and desperately need a gallon of milk. Isn't that always the way?

I wasn't kidding about brain dead yesterday, I actually had to pass on a trip to the vineyard I was tired last night. Saved me from a headache today, but that is small comfort.

Summer is wrapping up. Even though its still hot, it has that feel of the end of a party. You know what I mean - that hour when the coffee table is covered with dirty glasses and a half eaten cheese ball and the helium balloons are floating closer to the floor than the ceiling. The kids will go back to school next week, football season will empty the town every Friday night and before I can catch my breath it will be Christmas. Why is it that time flys so much faster as you get older? If I had just three more hours a day and one more day a week, I could really get something accomplished.

Prof. squared will return from their Disney Cruise tomorrow. Today I will go shine up their house and make sure they're organized for school. Girl Prof called from the ship to tell me she had her first day of morning sickness. We are a sick and twisted family... this is the kind of news that makes us jump up and down cheering and clapping.

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