Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Everyone Stand Up, Take Three Steps Left

Desperately seeking my happy place.... This picture was taken by my friend Dale Hague at Blue Rock Station. A lovely diversion from the very ugly oil industry, and the even uglier state of world events.

BP with holes in their pipes sending gas prices soaring. 700 million gallons in oil reserve controlled by the government. The same government that spends thousands of dollars on parts the rest of us can acquire for tens of dollars. War in Lebanon, War in Iraq. Global warming.... these are the reasons I hate watching the news. But it's like a car wreck, you can't help yourself from gawking at the damage.

Perhaps it's a result of my visit to Blue Rock Station yesterday, maybe just the natural wisening of getting older. But whatever, I feel like it's not enough to just recycle the aluminum cans any more. The principles of a sustainable lifestyle, which once seemed radical and ridiculous, are now making perfect sense. I'm thinking of what kind of world my grandchildren are coming into, and the responsibility I have to be a good steward of my little corner of it. Global warming is a very real phenomenon, we see evidence of it here in my small town. In a place that was once under snow from November through February, we're lucky to see a few inches a year. The pond in the park used to freeze hard enough for hoards of people to skate on it. It hasn't even had a crust of ice for the fifteen years I've lived here.

Handicapped by a childhood filled with excess, an adulthood of more of the same, creating change around the house of perpetual remodeling will not be easy.

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