Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Artists, Actors, Writers and Musicians... Raw Emotion

An interesting week so far, and it's only Tuesday! Yesterday, in between being whiny and emotional, I actually managed to spend a whole eight hours on the day job AND do an interview that will turn into two stories. Hence, the whiny and emotional.

Today I interviewed an artist that paints with asphalt. Nearing sixty, he's been an artist since he was three or four. I imagine after all that time you'd have to start experimenting with other stuff or go stark raving mad. I like the paintings, and yet I don't. They are black, beige and white, mostly abstract, with every drip, swoop and dot placed where it is on purpose. Even as abstracts, I could see a windswept Oklahoma prairie during a lightening storm in one, a woman rinsing her hair in a rushing waterfall in another. I like color, color and more color - but these reach in and snatch out an emotion. He's preparing a collection to pitch for a show at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)... apparently art is much like writing.

Princess is on a cleaning rampage today. I tried to explain that writers don't clean, but she was having none of it. Her boyfriend is on his way home for a few weeks leave from the Marines. Things must be ship shape.... ugh. Where was this kid when I cared whether the house was clean or not????

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