Friday, November 17, 2006

This Quiet Place

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A long time ago, in what feels like another lifetime, I wanted to leave Pap. Because I'm not a quitter, when he suggested counselling first, I agreed, and we worked things out. In the course of that counselling, I discovered that I was suffering the effects of depression. I also found out that I've probably been masking these symptoms for most of my life. I prefer being happy to sad, and I'd do almost anything to at least appear happy.
Apparently, "acting" happy is one of the techniques this particular counsellor used to help depressed patients. She believed people are creatures of habit, those things they did repetitively became "their way". I don't know if that's true or not, I don't really care. What I knew and what I know is that I have no reason to be depressed. I am blessed in many ways and on those days that I feel like I'm acting instead of living, or when I wake up feeling as if the light has gone out of the world, I reach for the tools that set things right. An hour by the pond watching the fish, a trip to the park with the grandgirls, a funny story or a visit among my blog friends.
Its silly to think of blogs as "neighborhoods", but I do. This quiet place is the ghost town that was once a bustling small town. I like ghost town from time to time.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Playing in the Old Neighborhood

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Since I can't seem to abandon my old neighborhood completely, I decided to try bloggers new beta version... if it messed everything up, nothing lost. So far, I'm impressed. I like being able to make changes without html. This place might just be the place to add all those bells and whistles that usually drive me crazy. Might turn into the place a REALLY rant... the radical stuff that looks like a crazy person talking.

Visiting the old neighborhood

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This poor ransacked blog feels like the abandoned home in the middle of your neighborhood. That place whose paint fades and peels a little more each year. The house all the neighborhood kids swear is haunted.

I've always loved those kinds of houses. I don't see the tattered curtains, or web covered corners. I feel the energy left behind by the families that once lived there. I can't resist climbing the stairs; imagining the girls who descended in party dresses, the boys who descended three treads at a time with reckless abandon.

So maybe I'll drop by from time to time and leave something here that I don't want cluttering up my real blog. The kinds of stories nobody really cares to read about.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Moving Day

I've moved! Come see me at my sparkling new home by clicking here:
and if otownhandyman seems a little tired and cranky today, it's because I made him move all the heavy stuff. Thanks Tony!