Saturday, August 05, 2006

Things Seen

This is a photograph by composer Charles Savage, called "The Invisible Man". Simple, but I really like it. He's an interesting guy, teaches at OUZ, writes music (not top 40, modern classical) leads a chorus and takes pictures. This isn't the kind of guy you'd call "Chuck".

Last night was First Friday in Zanesville, a monthly art walk downtown. I met some new people, had some fun with grand girls mom and my friend Tess and scheduled an interview with an artist who paints with asphalt.

I know! It sounds bizarre doesn't it? Gigantic canvanses, mostly in shades of black, cream and white. They are weighty pieces. In a room smaller than the gallery I saw them in, they would command your attention, dominate your thoughts, suck the air from the room. There are textures on these paintings we aren't used to seeing, the result, I'm sure, of a chemical reaction between something industrial like asphalt and whatever else he's painting with. I liked them very much, unlike most abstract art, I could immediately see figures, faces, structures and landscapes on the canvas. But they made me feel lonely. Like looking back at a black and white picture of someone you once really loved but was gone forever. I'm looking forward to our interview.

For me, each new week begins on Saturday. So, today is the first day of a new week. It is my hope that this new week will be better than last. So much stress! The drama over a mistake in my article on Linda (all is well, my editor isn't upset, her husband said "that was a beautiful piece you wrote on my wife" which leads me to believe that the artist is also not mad at me). Family reunion today, also known (at least to me) as the clan gathering in the boondocks. Still editing that children's book and awaiting the return of Sandra's book, Susicious Circumstances, for the race to publication. No matter how hectic this week is, I'm going to carve out time to revise Pitch. Enough dallying. Time to get busy.

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