Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Needy in Your Neighborhood

My punishment for all that whining last week is to seek out people who have more to complain about than me.

First up, my poor dog Ruger, who isn't a person, but thinks he is. He is frequently just standing around, minding his own business when this wicked cat attacks him.

Pap, who I haven't quite forgiven yet, but it can't be easy to face every day with something on your body getting infected.

My friend, Earthgirl, who's only daughter, witch, spends every waking moment plotting ways to hurt people, including her own daughter. Witch is living proof that every organized religion has it's share of hypocrites. The pagan motto is "hurt no one" and yet this girl and her cult are wrecking the lives of woman and children everywhere. Anyone who doesn't believe as they do.

I'm an open minded person, I truly believe everyone has the right to dress how they want, live like they want and practice whatever religion they choose. But I also believe that one person's rights end where someone elses begin. If your religion requires dancing naked under the moonlight and drinking each others blood - well okay. But don't do it in my yard. There's also the line in the sand called "socially acceptable behavior". Right or wrong, there are standards for the kinds of behavior that are acceptable among the masses. If walking around naked on Main Street is unacceptable in your neighborhood, you should have the curtesy to stay clothed on the street. But I digress... I'm supposed to be doing penance here...

More people who have more reason to whine than me... woman who want children but can't have them, people with terrible parents, anyone with a terminal disease, anyone who's lost someone they love. Anyone who's lost their home due to natural disasters. Kids without parents, people who have lost a limb, anyone with alzheimers, anyone living in a war torn country...

Okay, everyone has more reason to whine than me. I have no excuses for not getting back to work and accomplishing someone productive.

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Guyana-Gyal said...

I tend to agree...the minute someone starts to force / impose their beliefs on another...it's so wrong, very wrong.