Friday, August 04, 2006

The Friday Fantasy

Yesterday I interviewed the Director of the local art museum about a story on an exhibit they are about to open called The Essence of a Thing. As I made my way through the museum to the third floor where the Director was assembling the exhibit, everyone from the volunteer at the front desk, to the museum curator to the workers putting up the exhibit, looked me in the eye and said "It's very different" (wink, wink). And it was. Fortunately, I like different, maybe not to plop on the bookcase or hang over the fireplace, but definately to take a gander at.

It is days like yesterday that rustle up all kinds of fantasies for me. It was hot, so I toddled from interview to interview in a sticky ball of sweat. I'm so paranoid about fact checking I wasted several hours tracking down the original source of one of my stories so he could verify "yes, I absolutely said that..." By five o'clock I wanted a bath, a nap, and silence. Princess had other ideas. She wanted to make sure I understood how annoying my low self esteem was to her and then have a little talk about my two bad habits. I suggested that a chat probably wasn't the best idea right then, which further annoyed her and at least got me my silence. Hot, harried and harrassed, born from in inate sense of laziness and the desire to never do anything I don't want to do, for this week's fantasy, I would like a Nanny.

Not a Nanny like Mary Poppins or those ones on TV that are all buttoned up and into rules. I am a grown up after all, I want the kind of Nanny that lays out my clothes, fixes my hair and make up, cleans up after me, and knows exactly what I want to eat at any moment. She'll need impeccable taste, and a flair for dramatic decorating. Nanny will redecorate my house (like fairies in the night, you understand, I don't want to see the redecorating) every couple of months. I like change. She needs to like all the same books, music and movies that I do, and be into gardening so she can finish all the projects I start. She'll remember everyone's birthdays and anniversarys, pay all the bills, balance my checkbook.... best of all, she will like doing all this stuff and think I'm wonderful for letting her do it.

So much for fantasy.

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