Wednesday, August 09, 2006

She Just Looks Innocent

This pesky cat is due for a good spanking. She won't use the litter box, but she will use the box of litter. She eats the dog's food. She dug all the dirt out of one of my flower pots, onto the side table. She sneak attacks Ophelia who is too old and fat to get even in a timely manner. Isobel sleeps on my printer and chases the mouse messing up my writing time. I really would spank her if I thought that would help, but because of her daily wrestling matches with Ruger, she's a rugged little girl and she'd probably like a beating. Just what I need, something else that malfunctions in this house.


Gela's Words said...

lol. I don't know if I like cats now. I used to like them when I was a child, had one as a pet but I don't know now.

Kat Campbell said...

Ahh, despite her wickedness, when you're having a very bad day, she's the first to cuddle up and purr you out of it.