Thursday, October 26, 2006

Steal This Gnome

While minding my own business, this judgemental creature popped by to criticize my raggedy yard. While it may be true that house of perpetual remodeling is a neighborhood disgrace at the moment, its nearly Halloween, and all that garden clutter is ambiance. Jeesh, some gnomes are so superior.

I've heard he's visiting wherever he can get, so feel free to steal him from me (I'll be glad to get rid of the snotty little bugger) or pop by his master and commander and say hi while you're there.


Tim ID said...

A fitting home! Thanks for stealing him. He was eating me out of house and home. :)

goldennib said...

Gnomes are very good luck, but they are tempermental. Tickle them under their beards and you have friends for life.

Anonymous said...

I have REAL Gnomes living in my street. Tiny little fellas they are, big beards, pointy hats and a fondness for fishing I've not seen before.

Mostly tho' they play very loud music and drink Tennent's Super in thier very untidy "yard".

THe police cant do anything as their wrists are so weeny handcuffs dont work..... which would also put a stop to any kinky play.... no wondewr they drink so much.

ANyhow, you're now linked into my site... see ya later.

Lorna said...

Gnomes can be so gnasty.

The Rev. Dr. Kate said...

I'll trade you the gnome for my dog!!!

Kat Campbell said...

Tim - cute idea. If someone doesn't take him soon, I'm giving him back.

Goldennib - I'm still too offended to get close enough to tickle this guy.

Delmonti - you might try ice tea for awhile, leave off that beer. Thanks for coming by!

Lorna - I tend to agree.

Dr. Kate, I couldn't afford to keep your dog! I'm trying to imagine all the tiny dangerous things he'd find to eat around my house...scary!

sandy said...

Cute & guady as he is Kat ~ you can keep him, I've heard all about these gnomes and their all night fishing parties.