Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rain and Lightening and Hail... Oh My!

I was, of course, twenty miles from home when yesterday's storm hit. In my cute car with the leaking roof. On an errand I wasn't expecting to take so long - isn't that always the way? To make a long story short by the time I went caroming into my driveway I was half soaked and putting the cover on the car finished the job. My pitiful dog is terrified of storms, and has apparently passed this phobia on to his feline sisters. All three of them met me at the door and attached themselves to my leg. But I'm not complaining. A change of clothes and baby talk to the animals got my house back in order, the people in my neighboring cities were not so lucky. Power lines down, hail big enough to break windows, it was a pretty scary night for some midwesterners.

My neighborhood didn't lose power, but there were a considerable number that did. The local news pre-empted the evenings television shows in order to broadcast non-stop that there was a storm going on and people had no power. They kept staying "we'll stay right here with you until this storm passes." Now, call me stupid, but since once you'd heard the news (or looked outside) you knew there was a storm and if you didn't have power, you couldn't hear the news anyway... what was the point in all that?


Sunflower Optimism said...

One Tuesday, there was a problem and a tramway got stuck over the middle of the East River (you know, the same tramway that Spiderman had to save)

Anyway, I know it was a Tuesday because they pre-empted Boston Legal, grrr. All to look at a stuck tramway. By the end, you had the history of each tramway occupant and an interview with their kinfolk, down on earth. Every once in a while, you would see liquid drizzling down from the tram - the commentators would go on about how those poor people didn't have a bathroom.

Granted, it was an emergency and people were stuck - but just watching a stuck tram while they figured out what they were going to do was not compelling news. No one was in danger. I think an occasional update banner at the bottom of the screen would have been enough.

Kat Campbell said...

Sunflower I absolutely agree. Like following OJ Simposon down the highway for hours and hours. And they wonder why people stop watching tv?

Tina Dray said...

sounds like a scary storm!
Hi Dr.John sent me

Janvangogh said...

Dont you love it when you dont have power, but your neighbor does?

Here playing six degrees of Dr. John -- marathon time again.

Kat Campbell said...

Not so scary for me Tina, but scary for others. Thanks for coming by!

Janvangogh - it's perfectly evil of me, but yes, I do love it when I have power even when others don't. Nice to see you here!

Velvet Sacks said...

The weatherman doesn't often get a chance to showcase his "stuff." Guess he's gotta grab the opportunity when it presents itself.

Kat Campbell said...

That's a positive way to look at it Velvet!