Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I know just how this guy feels. You can only bang your head into the wall for so long before you just bust right through!

Crazy these last couple of days, I feel like the plates I spin have paired up and multiplied in my sleep. Had some work to do at the Prof.squared's yesterday, which didn't get done until today because my desk looks like a file cabinet exploded on it. I could have taken care of the desk yesterday, but instead I spent half the day on the phone following up some leads on an after school program story I'm doing, then I had a couple of interviews, followed by a Council meeting. By the time I got home, my brain resembled something like overcooked oatmeal.

Home computer is still crunked beyond use. Ugh! Did you hear that Donald Trump fired CAROLYN?! What was the man thinking? I was already bummed and sad about the death of Jeff Irwin, the upcoming anniversary of 9-11 and now that. Jeesh.

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Limpy Lady said...

I think that Jeff Irwin from Boston, Mass. is still alive and well. The other guy from Crocidile land bit the big one. Steve something.