Saturday, September 09, 2006


It was inevitable that this day would come. My schedule has been tottering around like a house of cards for some time, I am not surprised that it crashed today.

I'm supposed to be racing between the Bump, Spike and Dive mud volley ball for charity event and Farm City Day to get stories for the paper. By lunch I'm supposed to be at the museum to hand out writing awards for The Theme is Pottery. The afternoon was planned to be spent talking to Karen at the Armory regarding the consignment shop that's opening, then zipping back to Crooksville for middle grandgirls birthday party (picking up the cake along the way). Somewhere amongst that stuff I needed to finish making ARCs for the reading club and finish my speech for the Professional Women. A day like this is carefully orchestrated, there is no room for spontaneous action, or glitches of any kind.

Big glitch. Pap's car is in the shop for repair so he took mine to work. The backup plan was for me to take Princess to work, do my running around in her car, and then pick her back up right before I picked up the cake. Well, I have discovered it's impossible for me to look presentable in under, oh, about 80 minutes. I woke up 45 minutes before she had to leave. So the entire day is scrapped. Ugh.


Chana said...

i'm sorry your day started out stressful with all that rush. sometimes, the best planned days turn out not so for life and it's unpredictability pops up for a 'hello'..and leaves with us scrambling by to catch up..:)..

i'm sure you were still very succesfful. i'm sure you got it all done just right because you sound very determined and professional and full of heart..and that is what it takes to make magic..

here from Dr. John's. you are his link of the day. i hope you have a day of rest and fun today..good luck with the car.

Cindy said...

sounds like you ought to take the remainder of the "scrapped" day and enjoy it as an unexpected gift-take a well-deserved break, the world is not going to stop and it was nothing you could help. I hope you take full advantage of it and have the most wonderful day off from all that frantic pace! While you're off, perhaps you'd like to take a look at Dr. John's blog and meet his blogging "family" since he's made you his link for the day.

QuillDancer said...

I hate those days when I am behind before I even start. I hope yours smooths out fast! Do the things you can, the things you can't will wait.

I am part of Dr. John's blog visitation team. He has chosen you for his link of the day. We hope our posts bring you cheer.


I'm sorry to hear about your day. I hope everything turns out okay for you. You deserve it.
I'm glad you were Dr. John's link. Nice to have met you and will be visiting again.

Kat Campbell said...

Thank you for coming by Chana, Cindy, Quilldancer and Fridays Child! And thanks to Dr. John for making me the link of the day! I appreciate your supportive comments, and I did spend the day doing all the things I like to do but have no time!