Saturday, September 02, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

This painting is called Sitting on the Fence, it's by Jim Glover and the photograph does not do it justice. It was cold today and rainy, a reminder that winter's on its way.

It's labor day weekend and I'm doing my best not to labor. Long weekends are when you find out what a work-a-holic you really are. Sandra's manuscript arrived this morning, so I had to start on it at least. Did some updating on my website, answered e-mail, attempted to clean something and then decided it was entirely too cold and miserable to be that motivated so I spent the rest of the day reading a book. Interesting little mystery thriller called The Death Artist. If you like these kinds of books, its worth reading.

One thing I must do this weekend is prepare a couple of speechs. I'm speaking to artists next week and business women the week after that. The artists are easy, the women - not so much. I'm still trying to get my head wrapped around why they want to hear from me. I write like a talk most of the time, if you're reading this... that is me. Does this sound like a person who could teach a professional business woman anything? Well, I have a plan. I think I'll talk to them about mentorship and their responsibility to take on a teenage girl if for nothing else than to keep another generation from turning out like me! Living in a small town, people really know me and don't judge the quality of my work or my ability to get things done by how I'm dressed or whether I'm wearing make-up or not. When I need to, I can look professional... it's an act, but hey, we do what we must.


Gela's Words said...

Oh winter is coming up and I so hate travelling to the States during that time but I have no choice. I'll be in States in November. The great thing is I'll be there only for a week and then it's back in warm, sunny JA.

Kat Campbell said...

Coming in for Thanksgiving? It will be easier to take since you only have to suffer for a week, and beautiful JA is the reward if you survive!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Oh, do share your speeches, even parts, when you're done :-)

Kat Campbell said...

Okay GG, I will share the speeches since you asked... If nothing else, we'll all have a good laugh over them!