Sunday, September 10, 2006

Grandgirl Weekend

The house of perpetual remodeling is hopping today. The grandgirls and their mom popped in last night for an early birthday celebration for Breezy (the one on the right) who is turning 7 on Monday.

I wasn't expecting (or planning!) to be a grandmother this early in life, but now that I am I wonder how anyone who gets the little charmers keeps up at an older age. I've already forgotten what it's like to just keep kids fed and watered on a regular schedule. Jazz, the one on the left, has been my gardening buddy since she was toddling. Last month she called me and said "Nana, I'm coming over this weekend, the tomatos are so overgrown I can't even see my tree".
True, I've been a little busy lately, and Pap is supposed to take care of the vegetable garden...

Always when grandgirls mom is here I spend time biting my tongue. I know it serves no purpose to say "how can you make these kinds of life choices? Why can't you see how hard you're making life for everyone around you? What are you thinking when your recklessness results in damage to tiny lives? How do I make you see that a life worth living is lived in honesty, hard work, clean fun and legal behavior?" When I was raising my kids in the 80's, the experts harped on "kids do as you do, not as you say". I believed that and Pap and I set a good example. With this child, it didn't matter. I'm a huge supporter of mentoring, not just for poor kids, or kids missing a parent, but for every kid. Personalities are so diverse that no one person can reach everyone. Grandgirls mom grew up looking at me like I was some super woman living standards she couldn't hope to achieve. A false reality, but her reality. If there had been someone around more like her, more edgy and spontaneous, that was willing to mentor, she might have turned out differently. She's young, only 26, and there's time to change, but only if she wants to. That's the real question.

Today will be spent in board games (Mousetrap is the new favorite) and craft projects - a little calm before the storm of next week's work. Since I missed three opportunities for stories this weekend, I'll need to chase down three new somethings before my Friday deadline. Hmmm.... My desk at the day job looks like a hurricane hit it, so some serious attention to that, all doable.


Betty said...

Happy Birthday to Breezy tomorrow.
Your grandkids are lovely. I feel with you on the feeding and watering. I am very tired when my grandkids leave but I am sure glad that they come.
You are Dr John's blog for today.

Kat Campbell said...

Thank you for visiting Betty! I hope you come back.

DaveM said...

Not having Grandkids I hear that its good in that you can always give them back, but yes you must be tired out after a day keeping them all amused. I bet they enjoy coming to you for the day though.

QuillDancer said...

When my sister's grandchildren were little she was playing in the yard with them and said, "Nana is not young anymore. She needs to sit down on the patio and rest, then she will be all better." The boys followed her back to the patio and stood staring at her as she rested. Before she could ask them why, her husband came outside. "What are you doing?" He asked. One of the boys piped up, "We're waiting for Nana to get young again!"

Stacy said...

I loved the comment about "the house of perpetual remodeling." I think I'm living in the same neighborhood.

You sound to me like a very good (and wise) grandma and mom. You can teach your children well, but ultimately it is up to them to choose their path and this big old world is full of temptations.

I'm glad Dr. John sent us over to visit today.


Aren't they lovely! All three of them are so lovely.
Thanks for visiting and paying a tribute.

Ordinary Janet said...

Mousetrap-been a long time since I played that! I liked when my nieces & nephews were kids and I could play kid games again.

Nea said...

Shoot, I am 56 and my youngest son is only keep up. Or die trying. haha

link of the day from Dr. John...

Lori's Minute said...

Beautiful grandgirls you have! I think my moher bites her tongue a lot when I see her.....she was very big on housecleaning and ironing and cooking of which I do not do any well.

Sent by Dr. John, a guy who randomly selects blogs for his readers to enjoy.

Kat Campbell said...

Thank you for coming by everybody! I'm looking forward to stopping by all of your blogs.

davem - you heard right! The best thing is wiring the kids up on a sugar high and THEN sending them home. Mother's revenge!

quilldancer - your nephew is a treasure! That is so funny!

stacy - 115 year old house, we no sooner fix one thing than another needs attention!

janet - I'd forgotten how much fun Mousetrap is! We had had a hoot playing.

nea - I bow down, brave, courageous Mother!

lori - if it was only a dirty house I would think nothing of her behavior. I always chose fun over housework when the kids were growing up.

ArtsyTartsyViray said...

Those girls are so cute!

I bet they are spoiled beyond belief!

Here from Dr. John

Kat Campbell said...

Spoiled with love only artsy! Thanks for coming by, I hope you'll come back.