Monday, September 18, 2006

Things I learned from a 3 Year Old

It's been a while since I've taken care of a three year old for more than a few hours at a time. This past weekend was an adventure and I gained some wisdom to pass on to my friends:

Scrapbook glitter, while enhancing the appearance of the sewing machine, screws up its operation considerably.

You must cut up spaghetti O's before you serve them or they instantly become fashion accessories.

The term "time out" must never be used in place of the word "stop" or hysterics will shortly follow.

No matter how awful the three year old is being, if you put her on the naughty chair her two older sisters will look at you like you've just murdered a kitten.

If you put her on the naughty chair, no matter how awful she's behaved, you will feel like you've just murdered a kitten.

The tiny victorian couch in my library that' s too narrow for any adult to sit on comfortably is perfectly sized for a small girl and an old cat to use as a napping spot.

A brass band playing their way through the library will not wake a small girl up. The sound of a lid being removed from a tube of play-doh two rooms away will.

Blogger won't let me post pictures today... so you'll just have to trust me when I tell you I had a really cute one of the above mentioned three year old.


DaveM said...

Funny you should mention play doh as Sandy wrote about it as well. We had a spaniel that could hear a sweet being unwrapped from about 2 streets away. Well it seemed like that.

I bet you are enjoying it with your grand child.....and you can give her back .

Kat Campbell said...

I do love these grand girls davem, and they're tons more fun than my kids because I CAN give them back, and they, unlike their parents, think I'm wonderful!

Ordinary Janet said...

This was an enjoyable post to read! It's been a long time since I've babysat a 3-year-old girl, so I can't really remember what it was like. I do remember how happy I was when her parents came to pick her up.

sandy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time at play school :p haha Aren't they just cute at that age and don't they move fast! I bet you were exhausted! :) Lovely post, Kat, I'll take your word for the photo. :)

Jackie's Garden said...

Kat, enjoyed your blog. Came here from my sister's (Quilldancer's) blog where you'd commented on petting koi. Go out in the spring when the pond water hits 50 degrees and talk to them a few minutes while you gently wave your hand in the water, and then feed a tiny bit. Do it twice a day and within two weeks, they'll come at the sound of your voice. Or if you wave your hand in the water. When petting them, be sure to be gentle and not disturb their "slime" coating. They really do like it - koi are friendly fish!

Limpy Lady said...


Sure am glad I came by to see about your world. Sounds like you might need a harness for the young'uns. I don't get the real play dough it costs to much. Somewhere I have one of those recipes to make it but all my kids are to far away to see their little ones.
Glad to know about the fish thing. I have some fish in the creek down the road maybe I might try that with them. My effort is more mercenary, I like to eat fish when I can catch them.

Limpy Lady

Kat Campbell said...

Janet - 3 year olds and 3rd graders are the most fun ages, but giving them back is half the fun!

Sandy - naps are a wonderful thing, they're all back with their mother now and I'm planning to have one!

Jackie - Thanks for coming by and the tips on the koi! I'm going to try this next spring.

Limpy Lady I'm glad you've come by too, you always make me laugh!

Gela's Words said...

I'm looking forward to having my own 3yo. At the same time I'm not looking forward to having my own 3yo. I hope I will though.