Friday, September 22, 2006

21 Gun Salute for People Making a Difference

There's nothing better than a fantasy that becomes a reality, and the news was just filled with encouraging stories this morning. My 21 gun salute this week goes to:

Sir Richard Branson, airline mogul, who has given a 3 billion dollar gift toward development of alternative fuels. Great news on many levels, from the price of gas to global warming. Way to go Sir Richard! I hope his jet setting friends follow his example.

Stephon Marbury, NBA Star for the New York Nicks. He could have been like the rest of the prima dona basketball stars that lend their name to everything from sneakers to sweatshirts for endorsement fees in the millions, but he isn't. He hooked up with Steve and Barry's and his shoes, the same ones he wears on the court, are under $15! He wants kids to invest in themselves, not their shoes. Four stars for Stephon!

Walmart and their new drug plan. $4 prescriptions for generic versions of the medicines people need to treat high blood pressure, diabetes and allergies. This salute is maybe only two guns. It may be just a ploy to make us forget that Walmart has a pitiful health plan for their employees, and import almost all of their products instead of buying American. But I do applaud this small effort.

What a great day in the world wide neighborhood!


Jackie's Garden said...

Kat, it IS a great day, isn't it? Thanks, I enjoyed your post. And it's nice to hear some good news in with all the world's woes. There are a lot of good people in the world.

Dr.John said...

Thanks. Your salutes made me aware of some people I hadn't noticed and that they are doing good things.

DaveM said...

Yes its a good gesture by Branson but ironically its a donation from the profits of his transport companies.

Sunflower Optimism said...

My husband had mentioned Marbury's sneakers - I was VERY impressed with the young man. Go Knicks!

More good news - read on Wednesday that Warren Buffett is donating $50 million towards establishing a nuclear fuel bank. This way, countries trying to develop nuclear power plants can obtain non-weapons grade fuel, instead of making their own - which may coincidentally be turned into weapons grade fuel. I also like what Buffett and the Gates are doing for world health.

There's good news out there - we just have to dig under the dirt to find it. Thanks for turning my mind to positive thoughts, Kat :-)


What better honor can you give people who deserve it but a salute.
Thanks for passing by.
In case you didn't see, theirs a banner for stopglobalwarming on my right side bar. I wonder if you would like to sign in to join the virtual march that is going on right now. Just go and visit. There's no strings attached.

Kat Campbell said...

Glad I could pass on some good news Jackie and Dr. John! People rock as a whole most of the time.

Now Dave, while Branson may have been 1/2 the cause of global warming, it's good that he's trying to clean up his mess.

Warren Buffet is just the bomb, Sunflower, I was impressed when he and Bill Gates both announced they'd be giving away billions.

Thanks for the link Friday! I'm on the way over.

Ordinary Janet said...

It's so nice to have some good news for a change, isn't it? :-)

sandy said...

It does make a pleasant change to read something positive in the news. A salute to you for bringing a little ray of brightness.

Kat Campbell said...

It sure is Janet, and thanks sandy for the salute!