Sunday, July 02, 2006

Independence Weekend

The newest addition to our family here at the house of perpetual remodeling, Princess' new kitty, Isobel. Wretched little creature, she has no respect for anyone's property and is hopelessly addicted to iced tea. She is as annoying as a cat can be, climbs curtains, knocks all the pens off the desk and torments poor Ruger until he begs to go outside to get away from her. Despite this bad behavior, she has the ability to remind us all not to take life too seriously. To remember to take time to play. An important message for a house full of work-a-holics.
This is the weekend before the 4th of July. A celebratory reminder of our fight for Independence from England. For some years, all holiday's have been an excuse for the retail market to act like they're making their last sale forever. Fireworks, a 4th of July standard, have become so regulated for safety that they've become too expensive for our small town. Home fireworks have been outlawed in my state, but people still smuggle them in and already I can hear the pops and cracks of this illegal contraband. Despite these changes to our American traditions for Independence Day, my frustration with our National leaders, I am still proud to be an American. The 4th of July still reminds me of the tenacity and sheer luck of those that founded and fought for this country.


Anonymous said...

OMG. *covers eyes* I do not need to see pictures of teeny, tiny, cute, terrorist, kittens. NONONONONO!

Paul and Zach've been out everyday this week, buying legal AND ILLEGAL fireworks. Oregon only sells these puny little spark shower things, but WASHINGTON (which is just across the bridge from us) sells the good stuff. I expect we'll draw some attention to ourselves later this evening; I'm just glad Zach and Paul didn't get stopped trying to come across the border with the illegals. (We can't afford a $2,500 fine at this time, thank you very much. *ahem*)

Have a decent 4th, Kath!


Kat Campbell said...

Ah come on! There is room in every house for cute kittens!