Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Updates

Ruger has joined forces with the Princess of Pain to whip me in shape. Do you see that drill sergeant-like look in his eye? The foreward thrust jaw, he means business. He's ruthless. We went out last night for a leisurely little walk around the neighborhood. He made me run, Princess made me run far. Pocks to both of them. Weigh-in day is Sunday, there's not enough exercise in the world to work off what I've been eating this week. What kind of sadistic, maniacal person invented cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies?

Pap still languishes in the hospital, there are a number of aggravations regarding this state of affairs. Number one being: why would you let a blister get so infected that it actually kept you in the hospital for a week? Even with insurance, his negligence is going to cost a fortune, and he's still not dealing with our problems. Sounds cold and mean, doesn't it? But after twenty five years of marriage, this is not an isolated incident but a repetitive behavior. Suicide by diabetes. I can think of quicker ways.

Rewrites on Pitch continue slowly. Some days I think this one should take a place in the drawer and be forgotten. But I so love brave little Tia. Outlines for Ambassador are coming together thanks to Clay Guys hard work. This weekend I'll start the synopsis, query and cover letter for Willow. Mud City still lives in rough form and is alive and well in my head. I've made a mess of my web site which means it's time for a date with Dark Daddy. Thank goodness he doesn't get cranky about my lack of aptitude when it comes to anything technological. Personally, I credit his computer brilliance to my ineptitude. He had to learn quickly how to fix my mistakes! Still reviewing Flacks, second edits on Suspicious Circumstances and I've heard nothing about the freelance job with Our Town. The day job continues to be a bottomless pit of work I have no chance of ever catching up with.

Tomorrow I must take insurace cards to the hospital and pick up Pap's paycheck. Not looking forward to the drive.

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