Wednesday, July 05, 2006

How Do You Define Family?

Isobel is checking in today to remind me to quit mooning around worrying about things that can't be immediately changed and start finishing my current book. She wants to know how it ends.

Pap decided to pick up a phone and apologize. I'm sad to say it didn't help. There was no explanation for "why", so there is no resolution to the problem. But this blog isn't about problems. It's about friends, family and those special people that blur the line between those two groups and become "framily".

I'm so lucky, I have Mert, my girl down under, Dark Daddy and Tat, Library Lo, and Clay Guy. People whose homes you could show up at on Christmas Day and not feel like an intruder. People who take your side, even when you're wrong, and then tell you the truth once you've regained some semblance of rationality. People who have no expectations of you and don't get mad when you fail to call them for months at a time, or forget their birthdays. These are the people who'd try to give you a kidney if you needed one. We say any kind of outrageous thing to each other, and never get mad or bored or annoyed with each other. I have an abundance of riches when it comes to framily.


MERT12345 said...

I heard someone say the other day that you should be carful for what you ask or pray for. I have to say they were spot on whith that statment. I prayed for you. When I would lay me down to sleep, I would ask God for a friend. Not just any friend,but the best kind of friend. You know the one who will allways be there for you,laugh at your jokes even if they were dumb. Who would share your dreams your hopes. I prayed for you. Every night for years I asked God to send me my kindred.
When I was 16 I remember walking into church being. MY friends and I were in our own dorky world,when we walked into the youth room and at that very moment I knew I had been blessed. I saw you for the first time and yet I felt as if we had been friends forever. People didnt understand from the begining, hell I didnt either how a 16 year old and umm you had to be like what 24? 25?. What? How? could we be the kind of friends we were and are. I didnt care what anyone thought,then or now. I didnt care beacuse I knew the answer. I prayed for you. And I am glad prayes are answered!

land.downunder said...

we are a pretty brash lot here in the land down under, but when we make a friend it is with warts and all. My door would be open to you on Christmas Day, provided you came in quickley and not let the cool air out.
One of my kidneys is yours for the asking, you can even suck out my bone marrow. We are sisters in spirt, and by choice. Yes I do defend you when it is necessary and also tell you when I think you are wrong. Like it or not. Honesty is the key word. A must in any relationship, without it there is no foundation, just a house of cards. Which will fall .
Luv Ya.

Kat Campbell said...

Who can explain twins from different mothers? How lucky I was to find you both, how strange the circumstances were in both cases.