Friday, July 07, 2006

Fantasy Friday

Last January, my writer's group discussed the difference between "goals" and "dreams". As writers, the "goal" is to finish writing the book, submit fifty short stories to magazines or any combination of other tasks necessary to get one's writing noticed. A publishing contract is a dream. Goals have to be things you can achieve from your own blood, sweat and tears. Dreams require a hand from someone else.

On our way home from Columbus today, Princess and Bean were discussing their dream romantic moment. Studly guy would pull up to their work place in a helicopter, limo or excellent sports car and carry them away. Shades of Richard Gere storming into the factory to carry Debra Winger to her new life from An Officer and A Gentleman, a movie these girls have never seen.

What do these two disparate paragraphs have to do with each other? I believe a life devoid of dreams and fantasies is a wasted life. A life mired in the practical and ordered leaves no room for personal growth. I also believe that everyone has the ability to dream and should exercise that skill at every opportunity. From owning a yacht to turning your business into a fortune 500 company - dream big, so big that you can't possibly achieve it without help from someone else. That will keep you noticing the people around you, and enable you to extend the hand someone else needs to achieve their dream.

In addition to dreaming BIG, people need to fantasize outrageously. From winning the lottery to seeing a unicorn, fantasize to remind yourself that the world is so much bigger than what we can see, there are still mysteries to unravel and things to learn. A fantasy can also be an interesting way to examine you core beliefs. Do you believe the things you do because someone told you to or because you really believe them?

Fridays on this blog are going to belong to fantasy - mine and hopefully some others (**anybody out there????**). Because its been a hard week, my Friday Fantasy is my own personal tropical island, ecologically balanced and lush but without me having to see all the bugs and creepy crawlies that come with such an environment. In the center of this island, I'll have my house made of stone, ten self-cleaning bedrooms with bathrooms and walk in closets. A self stocking kitchen and self decorating great room for instant parties. Visitors arrive simply by calling them on the phone. Transportation around my island is courtesy of Julio, who finds me the most stunning, interesting person he's ever had the pleasure to meet. I, of course, find his advances inane and keep him on staff for the comic relief. Talk to y'all later, I have a date with a mint julep and a white sandy beach....


MERT12345 said...

Well the Isle of Kat sounds like heaven on earth. Of course you know those of us that come to visit may never want to go home again! So many things to dream so little time.Keep them flowing Kat.
(on a side note arent you glad I am not typing in all caps and trying to spell things right for a change??)yah me
love you tons my kindred!!!

Kat Campbell said...

Yes, I am proud of you for not typing in all caps AND SPELLING CORRECTLY!!! Wow! You would be a resident of my island silly! But what is your dream? I'll be looking for that comment!