Monday, July 24, 2006

Mucky Mondays

You talkin' to me?

Photo by Waldo of this crazy duck that decided to pose for his camera. Which has no relevance to the following post, but the duck is just so darn cute!

One of the front page stories in the paper today was about the loss of funding our local ceramic museum is preparing to face. I hate to be a know-it-all (big lie, I love being right) but I remember saying to a board member back when the college took over the museum from the historical society "What would a college want with a museum? What they want is the land, but they'll play nice and be such a subtle roadblock it will look as if the museum failed on it's own." Well... here we are and the most telling line in that article was that funds were available, but the college was not going to apply for them. Sad, any time you lose art and culture it weakens your community and emotionally bankrupts your people. What will be next? The library?

Princess has still not recovered from the mac truck hitting her little car. She's having trouble with her back and has been to the doctor three times in a week. She can't lift anything, Pap's in a cast for his blister.... and still not out of the dog house. I'm in invalid hell. I think the Prof. squared will have to do without my assistance this week, I have literally run out of time to do one more thing. Grandgirls mom is behaving over at Bean's. Maybe I'm wrong this time, maybe she's seen the light and will actually straighten up her life. We can only hope.

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