Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Princess of Pain

For the love of God, if there is a solitary soul out there who cares a fig about me, help! Save me from my youngest child and her single minded determination to make me skinny. I have reached a new level of pain... my blood vessels are even sore. I feel like all those internal parts that normally rest and rub against each other comfortably are now all cringing and scrunching up against my bones screaming for their own personal space. Princess is relentless, a slave driving harpee who has forgotten that I am OLD and put my muscles out to pasture right about the time Bill Clinton took office. As if exercising isn't boring, hard and exhausting enough; you haven't really exercised until you've done it with two cats and a dog, who firmly believe you're moving around like that to entertain them. Enough whining, at least she gave me a sticker yesterday for my three days of effort!

Publishing news: Sandra Ruttan's book, Suspicious Circumstances, is in final edit. Theresa Leighton's new book, Last, is in production. Both are scheduled to release by November and that will wrap up our list for 2006. We haven't reopened the submissions list yet, we're still trying to clean up the backlog, and there are some very promising books on the second reading list. For a small house, I feel like we made a lot of progress this year, but we still have a lot to learn. I still believe strongly in our policy of judging a book by the whole book, rather than query, synopsis or sample chapters. It creates a ton of extra work, and slows the process considerably, but I think we're finding world class new authors this way. As usual we have the usual cast of skeptics, curmudgeons and overall mean people predicting our failure and maligning us on the message boards sometimes. Comes with the territory, it's a hard business.


Anonymous said...

Exercise? *feels puzzled*

Gardening certainly counts as exercise, yes? And what about cooking? Shopping for the groceries? Walking to the mailbox?

I thought you all looked great in those photos, so *pfft* to Princess K.


Kat Campbell said...

Gardening, shopping, fetching mail definately count as exercise! The problem with the cooking, is we EAT it after, negating any positive effect. If I looked great in your pictures, it's because YOU are a good photographer!

MERT12345 said...

Lol I thought you said she gave you a snickers! I was like hhmm she doesnt sound to bad get off her back. But now I see you said sticker. I say we put bars of soap into socks and beat her as she sleeps! Hmmmm now I want a snickers! got to run to the store!Peace out

Kat Campbell said...

You goof ball, Mifflin Schools, jeesh!