Saturday, July 08, 2006

If you see this girl, run! Yes, there she is, the slave driving, matricidal Princess of Pain. Lucky for me she went out tonight, saving me (and poor Ruger) from miles of dog walking or more exercise videos.

I'm thoroughly and completely sick of my own company today. It isn't that I don't have plenty to do: second edits, consumer review, synopsis of Willow, rewrites...housework, sewing for Bean... the list is endless but none of it is what I WANT to do.

It's a beautiful summer night, clear and warm. Perfect for pulling up a stool on the edge of the dock at Woody's, listening to a great band with a view of the boats hovering just off shore. A good night for a visit from a mysterious stranger, someone who's actually seen more of the world than our small corner. Someone who would be just as interested in talking about the best play they've ever seen on a small stage as the relative benefits of a flat tax. I feel too young to inhabit this body, too old to make the party scene.

So, what do other people do when they're bored? When burn out threatens to make you spontaneously combust?


land.downunder said...

I do something outrageous that is not permanent.

I normally change the colour of my hair, with a semi, that only lasts about 6 washes.

MERT12345 said...

I stop and take some time out for me. I set a time and then work on what I have to do and then the rest is mine. And why does age just hit you like a ton of bricks? I was driving with Diana to rent movies and saw a bunch of young kids hanging out in the parking lot just have a good time being young and dumb and I was like wow I used to do that and now all I could think of dam its pasted 9:30 I should be in bed now! Wow I am not a youg 33 I feel old. I now tell old man stories like i remeber when gas was only $1.25 a gallon and oh what has happened to good music?? Oh well I am going to go eat some bran and get ready for bed. luv yah

land.downunder said...

Goodness , what doom from two young women, I can remember Kathy telling me last year as I approached my 60th, that it was just a number, well it is also a frame of mind. Most of the time I feel your wonderful age of 33, but alas my body knows otherwise.

Kat Campbell said...

Changing hair color, what a great idea! And age is just a number!