Friday, March 31, 2006

Back from the Dead

It's spring... hurrah! I put the top down on my convertible yesterday and Zipped through Columbus without a worry in the world. This being Ohio, it rained all day today, but who cares? Those random warm days are like playing hooky from school. It's the rush I imagine amphetamines providing. When they come in March, it's a promise that it will be time to plant the flowers soon, and the yard will cease looking like an abandoned property after a hurricane.

I've spent part of the last two days sitting in class for my day job. You know it's going to be boring when they make it MANDATORY training, and it was. As intolerable as this training is when you love your job, it's that much worse when you're burned out, tired and sick to death of it. 18 months and I will be free, perhaps so free I'll be living in a box, but even that will be preferable to the soul sucking work I'm doing now.


landdownunder said...

Make it a big box please,
Allow for visitors.

Kat Campbell said...

For you, I'll insure it's a refrigerator box with wardrobe box wing my friend!