Monday, March 27, 2006

Blog Business and other Everyday Things

I'm not particularly technologically inclined, but I'm also not a complete dummy. At least I didn't used to think so. I have been unable to post to this blog for over a week. My password wouldn't work. I couldn't retrieve my password because I insisted on using the wrong e-mail address... that's what I get for having two. What a dork I am.

Papa Bear has had a bad medical report. A good old fashioned F-. Genetics are a funny thing. I smoke, drink too much pepsi, live on pop tarts and I'm rarely sick. I get the occasional cold or a random headache if the weather is changing. Papa Bear exercises, watches what he eats and makes every attempt to get enough sleep. He's not even fifty and has already had by-pass surgery. Now he needs veins in his legs and a hernia repaired as well as a stress test because his blood test looked "alarming". Oh, did I mention he's also a diabetic? It's no wonder he has to add depression to his list of genetic dispositions. The Bean is recovering from her minor surgery splendidly, she can once again drive herself and get out and about a few hours a day. Soup checked in yesterday, my wonder boy has just one year of college left and is plotting what to do next to get his astronomical student loans paid off with a minimum of effort. He's clever, he'll figure it out. Princess completed her third semester of college by flunking algebra and messing up her whole schedule for the last semester of the year. She has a math block apparently. The Profs squared are planning a Disney Cruise for the summer, working at their t-shirt business and slaving away with their students. Grand girls Mom is still doing her own thing.

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landdownunder said...

Papa Bear had better start taking even better care of himself, maybe he needs to listen to goldilocks.

Thank goodness for genetics.
Would hate to think what I would look like without some great genes.