Friday, March 17, 2006

Drama, A Book and A Smoking Rant

Tonight I had an interview with the visiting author conducting the writing seminar I'm attending. Papa Bear arrived home shortly before I left, informed me he had a fever, wanted a bath and was going to eat chicken noodle soup. I departed for my meeting and returned home about an hour later to discover he'd called his mother to take him to the hospital. Hmm.... I found out that much from Princess, who's cell phone they called. Despite his abundance of good qualities and devotion to me, Papa Bear is a man. What is it about men that they will wait until they're half dead with a heart attack before they even mention that they aren't feeling well, but a cold requires a trip to the hospital? It's not that I'm callous, but with no information, there seems little sense in continuing to fuss over what exactly prompted Pap's trip to the hospital.

The visiting author suggested my partner and I attempt to sell this book as a serial to a magazine. An old fashioned concept that just might be due for a revival. It's written in such a way that it would make a good serial, one chapter a month. We'll find out once the query letters go out.

I heard on the news last night a story about a town in Texas that has banned smoking within their corporation limits, inside or outside. This is distressing to me and not primarily because I'm a smoker. I'm addicted, not stupid. I know it's bad for my health and the health of those who have to endure my second hand smoke. I had no problem when they started banning smoking in restraunts, offices and other public places. Big Ben frequently told me as I was growing up that "my rights end where someone elses begin", and I believe that's true. But when my right to smoke outside is taken away, or I'm denied a job because I smoke at home... what's next? If municipalities and employers can get away with theiving this right, what right will they take away next? It's St. Patrick's Day, half the country getting drunk and stupid on green beer. Alcohol is also dangerous to the user and others. Will a new form of prohibition be next? We have to be more aware, and more vocal about the real implications of bans and discriminatory behavior of any kind. In America we're supposed to be free.

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landdownunder said...

Both our counties are suffering from the same thing,
Polticians, who do not have the guts to stand up to the minority,
just tax the life blood out of the majority. The ciggie will never be completely banned, if so most Governments would go broke without the taxes.