Monday, March 13, 2006

The House of Perpetual Remodeling

Now that all the chicks have left the nest, well, most… Princess is still hanging around sleeping on the couch instead of living in her apartment, crazy that kid… but I digress. The children have stampeded off to their own lives and homes, leaving behind the shambles that remains after a…well, stampede! I have decided that the house of perpetual remodeling is in need of a face lift. Lacking the funds for that, it’s getting a new make-up job.
Papa Bear learned long ago that the answer to any question I ask that begins with “What do you think we should do with _____” (fill in the blank with anything from canceling the newspaper to investing our meager retirement fund) is “Whatever you want.” It’s not that he’s un-opinionated, it’s just that he’s never of my opinion and I’m louder, quicker and more determined to get my way than he is. Criticize if you must, but it’s been working for us for over a quarter of a century. So, unassisted by my beloved spouse, I have begun the planning for our new, improved den/office/where everyone hangs out because the TV is there, room.
Pap and I may live in the heart of rural America, but I am totally not into that gingham check, faded flower, tear the lumber off a barn for art, look. I firmly believe that I’m part magpie. I love shiny things, bright colors, lacquered furniture and abstract art. I’m not positive, but I think Pap is into white and brown. Oh well, he’s managed to adjust to the red living room and leaf covered canopy bed, I’m sure he’ll be fine with whatever I do in the den…

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Karrie said...

I just wrote about our visit to your home (before reading this), like this:

And their house is so cool! Like I said before, it’s 150 years old, and in a constant state of repair, remodel ... but SO COOL. Kath has an amazing, eclectic sense of style and color; every room is like a jewelry box with the intense, rich colors and varied themes. I loved it! Plus she's got a lovely yard with a fish pond and lots of flowers, and you all know how I love that!