Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Why People Should be More Like Pomeranians

We have frequently accused our Pom, Feather, of being brain damaged. She's terrified of squeaky toys, but will chase down and attack giant dogs that could use her as a snack. Feather frequently challenges the cat to battles for supremacy in the house of perpetual remodeling. Ophelia the cat is taller than her, fatter than her and fully clawed. Brain damaged. But then I spent some time really watching our little fur ball.
If people were more like Pomeranians, we'd have much better lives. We'd greet the people in our lives with much joy and dancing, whether they'd been on a long trip or just to the bathroom. What could be better for the self-esteem than that? We'd spend more time hugging, kissing and cuddling. We'd avoid the winy people always trying to bring us down, and take on the bullies trying to beat us down. We'd never settle for being second best. We'd take advantage of every opportunity to shoot out the door and run with our hair flying in the wind toward no particular destination. Pomeranians are geniuses.

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