Wednesday, March 22, 2006

This Writer's World

I work/volunteer for a small publishing company. I'm a writer. Seems like a marriage made in heaven doesn't it? It would appear to make sense that a publisher who likes my reviews, newsletters, business letters and essays would also love my fiction. Maybe, maybe not. One of the things I like best about Tico Publishing is that we keep a list of all submissions right there on the web site so anyone can see them, and who's working on them. My book used to be there, and today it's not. Could be because my boss is preparing the rejection slip, could be working on a contract. Insecurity comes naturally to a writer. How could it not? Once you've poured your soul and dreams onto the paper, tweaked everything, shared it with your writing group... it's breathing on it's own. After writing a synopsis, cover letter, query letter and addressed the envelopes to mail the pulsing creature out... just as the mailman picks up the package and drops it into that bin that is briskly wisked off to a waiting truck eliminating all chance of snatching it back... you remember how much the manuscript sucks. It's my first book, ridiculous to think it could be good enough to publish. But, like a lottery ticket, until the verdict comes in there are so many dreams... I wouldn't want to be my editor in chief. He's scheduled for a visit here in May, to check on the branch operations and discuss the future. How safe would you feel sitting down to dinner with the author whose book you'd just rejected? Ha Ha!

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landdownunder said...

No worries he is coming to you.
No pink slip involved.
Papa Bear will cook