Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Me Thinks Thou Doth Protest too much....

Once again this morning, news of protests and outrage about Dan Brown's book and the movie The DaVinci Code. I've read the book, I'll see the movie (I like Tom Hanks). I'm certain that Dan's book hasn't changed my faith in the least... it's FICTION. A rousing good tale full of intrique and "what if's". Quite frankly, I'm disgusted with all the ministers and "christians" marching around protesting about the DaVinci Code. Do they think their parishioners are such sheep that they'll believe anything they hear or see? Shame on you Father Generic if you haven't taught your flock the difference between God's word and fairy tales. But wait... could all this furor be smoke and mirrors to deflect some truths in Dan's book? A little too close to home there Pastor Anyman? Bravo Dan Brown! For creating a book that created a furor and made people on both sides of the issue stop and think for a little while.

Richard Hatch, the first million dollar winner off Survivor. Banished to jail for tax evasion. Does the judge really think this is punishment for Richard? If the man is anything, he is manipulative and adaptable. He'll love prison. His defense? I'm too stupid to manage my books and new found fame. Ah Richard, that's weak, especially for someone who was able to "outwit, outlast and outplay" fifteen people.

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