Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Back in the World

The Chief has come and gone with good news and bad. The bad news is he didn't write a contract on my book. "Too short, not young adult, you need a new title". Hmmm... could I be the only writer in the world that doesn't need to reduce every first draft by one third? I'm okay with this assessment, there are areas I'd like to expand, characters who'd like to say more and if I don't have to keep it a young adult book, that means I can let all the nasty characters swear. My mother will be so proud! The good news was a partnership offer. That's extremely good news. Less than two years to go before I drop the day job... it would be nice if there was some income still coming in.

Papa Bear is adrift in pain after his leg surgery. His leg hurts, his foot hurts and he's dealing with that very male malady of hating to be helpless. I'm sure boredom is also rearing it's ugly head, there's only so much Jerry Springer a guy can watch.

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