Thursday, May 18, 2006


Authorgeddon: (adj) Term describing that moment in time when the number of people writing books exceeds the number of people who read books. It is projected that this will happen in 2052.

I found this term on a surfing expedition and thought nothing of it until the morning news today. A perky reporter was enthusiastically enlightening us on a program that is teaching dogs to read. Only single words right now: speak, roll, sit. But hey, with a little work, I'm sure we could use this to combat the devastating result of an authorgeddon. If people are going to give up reading anywhere but the internet, then we writers have no choice but to branch out into the animal kingdom. Princess stories for Poodles, Lake stories for Labradors. Why stop with dogs? Goldfish have a memory span of 15 minutes, sell them one book and you're good for another sale before your sitcom has wrapped up.

People crack me up. We get goofy and obsessive over the simplest things.

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