Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Curse of the Overachieving Lazy Person

I am an overachieving lazy person. I know, it makes no sense. But, it does. I'm great at starting things... formulating a long term plan, tirelessly plotting out the details, but then, the follow through sucks. I think I drive people crazy with this behavior. But because I'm a good talker, no one would dare tell me I'm driving them crazy. They just stop contributing, stop calling, stop e-mailing. Princess is the single exception to this trend. But then, she's also an overachieving lazy person, so it doesn't count.

Memorial Day weekend coming up, the annual running of the Indianapolis 500. Sister-Mom and Ben-Dad are flying in with Kar and the kids before they go to the race. It's been a long time since I've seen the family, so of course I'm freaking out. The house has to be clean, the yard has to be perfect, the dog has to be on his best behavior. The day job has to be put in order so time off can be taken, two books to edit, and Papa Bear still under the weather with his leg surgery. If I were just an over achiever, I'd be spending this time I'm writing about the things that need done, scouring the house. I'd rise at dawn tomorrow to sweep the deck, water the flowers and put the mulch in the rose bed before work at 8. From 8 to 4 I'd slave away wittling down my "in" box at the day job, and even skip lunch. From 4 until dark I'd mow the grass, plant the rest of the flowers, feed the fish, walk the dog and try to get the garage organized enough to close the door. From dark until I dropped from exhaustion I'd get the laundry done while finishing the editing on one book and the newsletter. But... I'm an overachieving lazy person. So chances are none of this will happen.


land.downunder said...

Hey ! !
what about me I never give up on you
I keep emailing.

Kat Campbell said...

Ah Hah! So I do drive you crazy! And as my down under twin, you must also be an OALP!

land.downunder said...

Not really a OALP just an old bird who sometimes forgets she is not 25 and has not learned to pace herself