Saturday, April 15, 2006

Breakdowns and Breaking It Down

I caught just a few minutes of a radio talk show recently. They were reviewing a book called Overbooked, Overworked and Ready to Break. From what I was able to hear, it was written by a psychiatrist from what he'd been seeing of his patients. People falling to pieces from their crazy, overscheduled lives. I've always been overscheduled, and there are days I hit the wall and just can't do one more thing. I usually spend those days curled up in a chair, reading a book. By the next day, I'm fine. Thank goodness for genetics, eh?

Princess and I firmly believe that all work and no play makes for a couple of dull, boring people. So we take every opportunity to run off and do something fun. Last week, we went to the movies. Take The Lead with Antonio Bendaras. It was a Tuesday night, so the theatre was empty when we walked in. Princess delivered the obvious joke as we looked at the empty rows: "Gee, I hope we can find a seat!" The pair of men that came in after us, topped her: "Wow, I hope we can find a seat, don't step on those people's feet son!". Some older ladies came in after that: "I hope we can find seats together!" Princess was cracking up and that makes me laugh. The movie, about a ballroom dancing program in New York's public schools, had us all wanting to race out and take dance lessons. We came out of the movie to a beautiful, mild night which prompted Princess into forcing me to put the top down on the car. At first, it was okay, the airs blowing, the stars above our heads, and the radio blasting. By the time we hit the highway, I was freezing. By half way home, I couldn't stand it anymore so I told her I was freezing, and she admitted she was too. There isn't anywhere on the stretch of road we were on to stop, and you can't put the top up when you're moving. So we turned on the heater. Then we rolled up the windows. We raced into town looking totally ridiculous with the radio blasting, the top down and the windows up. Of course when you're in that moment, everything is funny.

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