Friday, May 04, 2007

You Didn't Think It Would Be Effortless, Did You?

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People who travel between my small town and the city closest to us have two roads they can follow. One is the highway. A straight shot, smooth pavement, lots of company along the way. The other is through the country. Sometimes smooth pavement, sometimes more potholes than pavement, some gravel and always a winding, curving path pocked with the stop signs and turn signals of dozens of small towns.
It takes the same amount of time to get from my house to the my friend's house in the city, regardless of which road you choose to take. How can that be, you ask? Simple - the highway was constructed to suit the highway, not the people that use it. It skirts around towns, by-passes some towns in favor of others which causes you to back track and its cluttered with all the folks trying to get the same place you are. The country road, on the other hand, is a straight shot.
The path to success is much like these two roads. Some will hop on the highway and get there. Very few road hazards, bumps or delays - but white knuckle navigation along the way, racing to keep up with everyone else headed to that final destination: success. Some will be like me, sticking to the country road. Getting there over potholes, stop signs and traffic signals, usually all alone, but getting there nonetheless. Getting there with a lovely view along the way.


LauraJ said...

I'll take the road with the view.

Janice said...

Hi Kathy

That was a very nice view on success, looking at it from a different perspective.

In the context of Law Of Attraction, as mentioned in a report of an interview given by Bob Proctor, "if you're not going after what you want, the first little bump in the road that comes along, ... people have lost it."

So, whichever road taken to reach there (success) will offer its own unique challenges and experiences. The key thing is to know what one wants and never give up.... just my personal opinion

BTW, I'm new to blogging and came to realize there's so much to learn in Blogosphere.

I like your blogs (visited both of them) as the love between you and Pap shines through
in your posts which gives me a very warm feeling... especially the one titled "wistful".

Must be Law of Attraction at work, attracting me to your blogs.

Warmest Regards

Kat said...

Laura J - That Country road is awfully pretty isn't it?

Janice - Thanks for dropping by! I hope you'll come visit often.

smileymamaT said...

I take that way too. I rather like the slow pace and I don't so much mind the potholes. I'm pretty much happy wherever I am. Nice analogy.

Julie said...

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starbender said...

I'm back & now your gone.

If you return, come visit me!

¸.•*¨ƸӜƷ Starbender ƸӜƷ¨*•.¸

Angela Kay Austin said...

I think when I began as a writer, I didn't think about which road; I guess I just hoped I would find 'my' path. It just so happens that 'my' path has been the scenic country road, and I'm glad the view isn't so bad because it gives me the desire to keep driving.